What is Givvit?

Givvit is YOUR “Social-Treating™” app, available on iPhone and Android. It’s an easy way to show your thoughts and feelings through the sending of tangible, every day, low cost treats to friends, family and colleagues… whatever the reason or for no reason at all! Givvit Treats make a great “thank you”, “sorry”, “good luck”, “I love you”, “I miss you” or even “IOU”!


Givvit lets you find your friends via your social network accounts and smart phone contacts. You then choose a friend and then select from our expanding range of everyday treats such as chocolates, meals, hot drinks, snacks, cakes, drinks, flowers, cinema tickets or even something for charity. Check out our Terms and Conditions for more information on how it works.


The response to Givvit has been beyond our expectations, so expect to see even more great Treats being added as more retailers or “Treat Partners” come on board.

We think we’ve made a good start and we have lots of plans for the future. Our success depends on you, so feel free to let us know what you think about Givvit, its features, the Treats and what you’d like to see next.

So email us at feedback@givvit.com. We welcome and value all your suggestions!

How do I redeem?

Redeeming a Treat you’ve been sent by someone is easy. Follow the step by step instructions once you’ve decided to redeem and then simply take the Treat code or e-voucher into that particular retailer.


In most cases you can redeem directly from your phone at the checkout. If this system isn’t available for whatever reason, we’ll be sure to let you know and also provide a very quick and simple alternative.


Different retailers use different systems, but Givvit is working closely with them to ensure the process is as seamless as possible

Where do I redeem?

You redeem at the named retailer or “Treat Partner” following the steps provided within Givvit. CURRENTLY REDEMPTION IS ONLY POSSIBLE WITHIN THE UNITED KINGDOM.


Also, where Treat Partners operate a franchise system, you may not be able to redeem at every location, for example at service stations or airports. Don’t worry though as you will be able to redeem at most High Street outlets.

How long do I have to redeem my Treat?

Once you’ve received a notification that someone’s been kind enough to send you a Treat you have 12 months to redeem the treat. More details can be found in the info pop up accessed via the top orange box of the Instructions screen.


Don’t worry if you forget to redeem your Treat as we will send you reminders from time to time.

Does a Treat cost the same as it does in store?

In the main, yes – the good and services purchased with the Treat code or e-voucher would cost the same as if purchased for cash.  For some Treats (like hot drinks), there is a choice of products against which the Treat can be redeemed and the actual retail cost of these treats may vary.


However, depending on the Treat you’ve selected, a transaction fee may also apply in addition to the cost of the Treat. The transaction fee helps cover the cost of operating the Givvit service, including our payment processing costs. These are unfortunately high in proportion to the relatively low cost of the Treat


We hope to reduce these costs over time, as more and more people use Givvit to send a smile, and when we do you will be the first to know.

What do I do if I have a problem?

We want everyone to enjoy the Givvit experience but sometimes problems can occur. If they do please let us know by emailing support@givvit.com and we will sort out the issue as quickly as possible.


If you have already redeemed your Treat you will need to contact the Treat Partner customer service centre directly.

What do I do if I don’t like the Treat I’ve been sent?

We hope that your friends know you well enough to send you treats that you would like! Some Treat Partners will let you redeem your Treat against any product up to a specified value but some Treats are product specific. We’re currently working on a new feature in the app which will let you forward on any unwanted Treats to another friend.

Can I get a refund on any treats that I have bought?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for information about refunds and your cancellation rights.

Why can’t I see Givvit properly on my tablet?

Givvit works best on a smart phone. It’s been designed to be used on the move so that you can easily redeem your Treats. We’re planning to develop a tablet version which allows you to send treats but for now you’ll need to use your phone.

My friend doesn’t have an Android or iPhone. Can I send them a treat?

Not yet. We’ve developed Givvit to work on Android and iPhone but are also working on a Windows version.